Tuesday, April 25, 2006

new car

We finally got rid of our gas-guzzler. Looking back, we realized that gas prices have doubled in the three years that we have owned it, and if they double again in the next three years, we would be paying an outrageous amount of money each month in gas just to drive it. We already were paying way more than we wanted to. So, we bit the bullet, got over it, etc, and are now the proud owners of a Dodge Grand Caravan. Jacob got to pick out the color, and it has a DVD player, so he's happy about it. Will just wants to face the front, so he can see the DVD player. It was a little daunting to try and do on my own, but I managed to survive unscathed.

Andy is doing pretty good. He hurt his knee playing soccer a few days ago. He said that he went to kick the ball and then go after it, but his cleats stayed and he fell. When he did, he twisted his knee and heard a loud pop. The doctor told him that he had tore or bruised his meniscus, which is the cartlidge in the knee. Andy says that he is fine and that he should be running again soon. He said to send everyone his love.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Busy Weekend

Well, as you can tell by the next several pictures, we have been really busy the last few days. We had an Easter Egg hunt at church, the Easter Bunny, Easter services, an Easter Egg hunt with the family, and then Jake and Will had a birthday party after church on Sunday, as well. We were very busy, and it was very hectic, but boy, did they have a good time. I hope that everyone had a great Easter. Enjoy the pictures.

Will LOVED his cake. Posted by Picasa

Jacob opening presents at his and Will's birthday party in Ellijay.  Posted by Picasa

The Diva hunting eggs. Posted by Picasa

Will was excited to get candy from the Easter bunny. Posted by Picasa

Looking at the goodies the Easter Bunny brought. Posted by Picasa

Jake had so much fun hunting eggs. He had to empty his basket so that he could fill it up again. Posted by Picasa

Will hunting Easter Eggs Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 14, 2006

Jake's birthday cake at Chuck E Cheese. This was his second party. He had a pizza party at school on his birthday. Posted by Picasa

Will eating some of Jacob's birthday cake at Chuck E Cheeses. He loves cake! Posted by Picasa