Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please Pray for Stellan

You can click on the picture to go to the website that has Stellan's story.

Prayers for Stellan

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 14, 2009, around 9:30 pm...

My first born son accepted Jesus as his Savior!! I am so excited. We were saying prayers last night when he started asking questions about being saved. He has asked these questions on and off for the last year. He could tell me why Jesus came to Earth, he could tell me what sin was and that he sinned and needed forgiveness. But for the past year, at the end of his questions he would say, "And I can ask Jesus to come and live in my heart?" and I would say yes and ask if he wanted to then and he always replied, "Nah. Not right now." And that would be the end of it for a few months. Last night, he asked all those questions and told me what he understood. Then I said, "I love you, goodnight." And he said, "Wait Mom!! Can't I do it now? I want to ask Jesus to live in my heart now." How sweet?! I have this vision of him praying to Jesus and asking Him to come into his heart and accepting Him as his Savior. And as he is praying, his name is being written into the Book of Life. It was just beautiful and I am still beside myself with joy.

Please Pray

My brother in laws cousin, Courtney, was pregnant with sextuplets. She gave birth to four of them today, one yesterday and one on the 11th. All of the babies are in heaven now. Courtney's blood pressure has dropped dangerously low. Please keep her in your prayers. Pray for her physical healing and for the emotional healing for her and Allen.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So, I'm Paranoid. So what?

Tonight at AWANA's, Jake and another child collided heads. Both were crying, both were holding their little heads. I looked at the other child's first. This was his second run in with another head tonight, so I was actually more worried about him. His forehead was red, but that was all, not really any swelling. So, I look over at Jake. He already had a huge, purple knot on his head that sunk in the middle. It looked like a volcano. I thought that I handled the situation pretty well. I jerked both of them up and raced down the hall to grab some ice pack. After we were there for a while and both of them had calmed down, I was still freaking out because of the way that Jake's lump was swelling. If it had just been a pop knot, I wouldn't have worried...well, not much, anyway. But with it sinking in the middle, I just couldn't really rest easy with it. One of the men that works with AWANA's asked me, "Do they not get a lot of bumps at your house?"'s the thing. They're boys. Of course they get a lot of bumps. It was the way the bump was. Plus, and I will freely admit it like I did tonight, I'm a paranoid mama. I haven't always been. At least, not the complete fruitcake that I am now. I was pretty nonchalant when Will was a baby. I put up baby gates at the top and the foot of the stairs. But when, at 18 months old, he started climbing the gates I took them down and didn't really worry about it. But, since Ethan died, I'm a basket case when it comes to the boys and sickness, fever or injury. I just am. Is it understandable? Sure. Do I need to get over it? Yeah, I think so. Jake was not very appreciative tonight that I wouldn't let him get up until a nurse looked at him. Oh, well. Something else to work on, right?