Saturday, March 25, 2006

I spoke to Andy today. He was in good spirits. I actually had a wife call me with a New York telephone number that she told me to call. When I did, Andy answered. It was not that great a connection, and we were disconnected several times, but we were able to talk for a while. It was pretty cool that I was able to call him this time. Jake was excited to talk to Andy on the telephone. He talks to him over the computer, but he thought it was pretty neat to talk to him on the telephone like he does everyone else. He did get a little confused. He kept trying to hold his toy up to the telephone for Andy to "see" it, because with the computer and the webcam, Andy can see normally see what Jacob is talking about. Andy has been on a trip, and he saw a good friend of ours from Fort Bragg and North Georgia, Jason Avery, which really lifted his spirits. It's nice, where he's at, to see a familiar and friendly, "back home" face. He said that when he gets a chance he is going to try and post something, so be looking for some news straight from him.

Jake relaxing in bed. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 23, 2006

This is Will after I took him off the stairs. He does not like being told "no." Posted by Picasa

Will did not like being left downstairs while we were taking Jacob's picture in his new p.j.'s, so he decided to try climbimg the stairs. This is him starting to climb the third one. Posted by Picasa

Jacob found his birthday p.j.'s. He came running into the kitchen and said, "Look at these cool jammies I found! Let's go see how handsome I am in them."  Posted by Picasa
Hopefully, the pictures will post this time. I have never done this before and I am teaching myself as I go. If they don't post this time, someone is going to have to help me out. I decided to do this because I thought that it would be easier to keep everyone up to date on Andy and on us. I also thought it would be easier to keep Andy updated on all the "little" things that I forget to tell him when I do talk to him. I got to talk to him yesterday and he is doing well. He thinks that he will get to come home for R&R in June, which will be around the 6 month mark for us. Okay, I don't think that the pictures are posting, so I am going to save the story that goes with them for later.