Friday, September 12, 2008

Aunt Priscilla's Painting of Ethan

This is the painting that Aunt Priscilla did for us. We have several pictures of Ethan, but because of trauma on his little body I didn't feel comfortable displaying them out in the house. After our last visit to Blakely, I realized that Aunt Priscilla did paintings. I was so excited when she agreed to do one of Ethan. I love it and I am excited to share it with all of you now that my camera is working. This is from a picture that was taken right after Ethan's birth.


Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful painting...and so heart warming. Mema did a great job!
We love you all.
Jeanette, Jim, and kids

Anonymous said...

A heartwarming treasure for you.

Aunt Martha

Ginger Jackson said...

I love it!! A beautiful painting of a beautiful boy. Can't wait to come visit and see it in person. I'm so proud of our talented artist!!!


Anonymous said...

I love it!!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture of the three of you. I am glad that Mama painted it for you.

Julie M.

~plaid said...

How beautiful for Aunt Priscilla to bring such a softness to such tenderness! I love both the picture, and the painting. Thank you for sharing them both.