Friday, December 05, 2008

Smallest, Wingless

There is an organization that I wish with all my heart I had known about when Ethan was born. It is called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. They are a non-profit organization with professional photographers who volunteer their time and talent for parents in situations similar to ours. This song is beautiful and expresses such true emotion. I hope that you will take the time to watch.

Check out this video: Smallest Wingless Live (1.6.07)

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Bev Johnston said...

Allie, thank you for posting this video. Smallest and Wingless is one of those songs that I have listened to just about every day since my Joshua and Caleb were born. I hadn't seen it performed live. He is great! I hope you don't mind but I put this video in my blog as well. I think that is a great way to get info about NLMDS out. Thanks for posting this :-)