Monday, May 12, 2008

A Bible For Ethan

I was not going to post about this because I was not sure how I felt about it. But now that my emotions are a little bit more stable, I realize how special it was, so I wanted to share.

Yesterday, I was in Ellijay, at the church that I grew up in. They were giving out Bibles for all the new babies who were born this year. My mother had already told me that they were giving Ethan a bible. I thought that was really special, that they were recognizing him. Then, about two mom's into the ceremony, I realized that all the mom's were staying up there, to be recognized collectively as a whole. I started to panic, and I thought that surely they would wait and do Ethan's after everyone else sat down, or maybe privately. Nope...his name was called in the middle. Andy went up with me, and there we stood, two parent's with empty arms, surrounded by mothers who had their arms full with babies. It was so hard, I was crying, trying so hard not to break down. And then the thought came to me that it was Ethan's Mother's Day gift to me.

I kept alternating between thinking it was special, to wishing that I hadn't had to stand there with all those moms and babies. And then a lady in my support group totally changed my perspective.

How great is it that I was recognized publicly as a mother to Ethan? That he was recognized and acknowledged as a child, a precious gift, and just as important as any other baby that was born this year. Now, I am so excited about it, so thankful. MY BABY WAS RECOGNIZED! And not as something I should be sad about, but as a baby that should be rejoiced.

Anyway, it just meant so much to me, once it was put into perspective, so I thought I would share.

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