Friday, May 16, 2008

Officially a Law in Georgia!!! ~ No Heartbeat Act

It's official!! It passed the Senate on 2/21/07, passed the House 4/4/07, and Gov. Perdue signed it into law Tuesday,May 13. Thanks to all who helped by bombarding your Representative with emails and phone calls. That so many people stood up and helped fight for us means so much. I got even got emails from people that I didn't know, who in Ethan's memory contacted their Rep. in favor of the bill. I cannot even put it into words how much it meant, especially those of you who emailed me or called to find out how it was going, or with a response from your rep, or to find out if you needed to get in touch with them again. I think my favorite email was from the Rep. who informed me that he was not only voting for it, but he was going to put his name publicly behind the bill. And then asked that I let my 'many friends and family know' because he would not be able to answer all the emails in a timely manner. Or, as my sister Andi put it, "Dang girl, call off your dogs!" LOL...I'm just glad I had some dogs to call on. It seriously meant the world to me that so many people cared enough to contact their Representative. This is such a wonderful accomplishment for all parents with babies born still in the state of Georgia. Hopefully, ALL states will soon recognize the importance of issueing CBRS. So, thank you for helping get this bill passed. Love you all.

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