Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Interview

So, how did it go? I honestly have no idea. I started talking about that day, that horrible day, and I started crying and I just have no idea how it went, even what I said half the time. I'm supposed to call him back to set up a time to do a picture, and when I do, I need to make sure that I tell him Ethan's name. I said Ethan several times, but I didn't tell him Ethan's entire name. And I want to. I wanted to talk more about SHARE Atlanta...about how important what they are doing is. My thoughts were just so focused on ... well, on not crying so hard that I couldn't speak. What's funny is I don't even know exactly what the interview will be in...I know the name of the news organization and that they publish in Athens, Columbus and Augusta. But what they publish...I have no idea.

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