Tuesday, July 08, 2008


The Savannah Morning News came and took photos yesterday for the article. They wanted a picture of us along with some of the things that we have from Ethan. I showed her his footprints, my necklace, etc. Got to his lock of hair and I lost it, had to leave the room. It was really emotional, just really left me feeling raw. After she left, Andy started going through the box. I don't think that he has ever gone through it before, ever read the cards we received before. I sent the boys next door so we could be alone and go through it. Difficult doesn't begin to describe it. I was sad again, but more than anything, I was furious...Furious that I don't have him, furious that all I have is a box of memories. My emotions were on overload and I was not being really careful while I was cooking. I wound up spilling some boiling water on my foot. Now I have a lovely 2nd degree burn over the top of my foot and I can't use the antibiotic cream they normally prescribe because I am allergic to it. So I'm putting vitamin E, aloe and fish oil on my foot, which smells really nice. :) At least it took my focus off of our loss. **Whew!!** It feels good to rant sometimes!

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