Monday, October 13, 2008

Ethan's Balloon Release

My computer did not want to download the pictures, which is why I am so late posting these. We took these in Ellijay the weekend after Ethan's birthday. It is hard to put into words exactly how I felt that day, but I will try. If you read my earlier post about his birthday, you will see that I struggled with "celebrating" when he was not here with us. But I really wanted to recognize his birth and we decided that a balloon release was a perfect way to do that.

The beauty of that day to me was not in the balloons as they floated to the sky (ah, trees, lol). The beauty was what I saw when we turned the corner and started up that long hill to his gravesite. You see, there was A LOT going on that day. There was a surprise birthday party to get together, a little league football player and 4 year old cheerleader to watch, and some gardening to help with. And yet, when we turned that corner ... oh, my, what a sight. I told my sister about a month earlier that I wanted to release balloons when we were in Ellijay that weekend. She asked if she could come. When I mentioned to my cousin (who was planning a surprise birthday party for her mother that day) what I would be doing before the party, she asked if they could come. I spoke to my parents about it...they didn't ask if they could come...I don't think it was ever really a question for them that they would be there to help us honor Ethan. I texted a friend to tell her I was in town and that we would be releasing balloons... that's all, no details, no time ... and yet, I start up that long hill, and there she was. Along with so many people I had not even talked to, but there they were, supporting us. You see, I didn't have to INVITE anyone. They all came, because they love me, because they love my family and because they especially love my son who they never got to meet. How blessed am I? That's all I could think. Look at the people who love my son!!

The acknowledgement of Ethan means so much. To show that they loved him; that even if it was uncomfortable to them, even though they had to go out of their way and rearrange plans ... all I can say is Thank You. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for loving us and supporting us the way that you have. I know that there were a lot of people who live far away and didn't even know about it, but would have been there if they had (Gin). I just love you all for the support that you have shown us this year.

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