Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why is it....

that as soon as your husband leaves the lawnmower breaks, the kids get sick, your house gets trashed because the kids are sick and THEN someone wants to come look at your house? I'm running around like crazy trying to clean things up, wash all those vomit sheets and keep the kids hydrated and not too stir crazy.....HELLO! I'm losing my mind!

On a brighter note, I heard from Andy today and he has safely arrived at his destination. So, boots on the ground while it is still February, which is what he was hoping for. Please continue to keep him and all our soldier's safety in your prayers.

Ha! Edited to add that when I left my house today so that it could be viewed, the wind had blown a shutter off. Oh well.

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mommyta3 said...

I know my husband NEVER goes out with friends or co workers. He's almost too family oriented. I think to be a healthy couple you need a few seperate interests and nights out with friends. Well the one time I talk to him into going out with some friends who are co workers after work and he works 12 hours 8-8 my water heater BURSTS !!! Luckily I am the daughter of an electrician and my best friend's dad was a plumber so i knew how to shore things up till he got home and I could clean up the mess on my own. That way he still got to have fun. Home Depot was closed til the next morning anyway... :o) Is your hubby military ??