Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something Special

My boys are really missing their daddy. I am daily asked when he is coming home, if it is going to be just a few more weeks, if he will be home by their birthday. I have a shirt that Andy wore before he left that I haven't washed because it smells like him. Jake found it the other day and just buried his little nose in it. He asked me if there was something special he could do to be close to Andy, and I suggested sleeping in his shirts. They were so excited to be in their "Daddy Shirts." Now, they are also bathing in his Old Spice soap so that they smell like him. It has turned something that was really hard into something that is really special to them. Plus, bathtime isn't such a fight now because I have the "Daddy Soap" bribe. ;)

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Amanda said...

I just love these little boogers!!