Sunday, February 07, 2010

Going on the "Down Low"

I realized the other day as I started to post something and didn't for the umpteenth time that I needed to make a change. I cannot tell you how many times I have started to post something, but did not. I realized there was a reason for that. I do not want for any of my students to google my name and read my private thoughts. So, I am making my blog private. I think that all you need to do if you want to continue to read is to send a request once it is private and then I can accept you. Love to all.


Tonya said...

I want to be a part of it. Please let me know when you go private so I can make that request. I look forward to hearing more of your heart.

ruthie said...

when I gotyourrequest and could not immediately log on Iwondered n wht you were doing. I sincrely questioned yourintentions when after 5 tris i had not gotten loged on. but now i get it. I understand. so i am sending you my keys to your blog so when i accidently logout and don' remember the magicyou can help. mama5177 now remember thi and let me know

I love you


ruthie said...

O k just so you kow I am not drunk just under the influence of 600mg of motrin

Allie said...

I was wondering, Mama :)